19 people cited for animal cruelty after KSP discovers illegal cockfighting ring

Kentucky State Police cited and released 19 people for cruelty to animals after police found a cockfighting ring in Calloway County.

Troopers responded to Protemus Road in Lynn Grove Saturday night and found more than 30 dead gamecocks as well as over 35 live roosters and hens.  

Those who were cited include:

Joseph L. Brown of Mayfield, KY – 27 years-old
Harold A. Brown of Mayfield, KY – 31 years-old
Brian N. Brown of Harlan, KY – 38 years-old
Cody A. Wilburn of Whitehouse, TN – 24 years-old
Jessica J. Wilburn of Whitehouse, TN – 29 years-old
Tina L. Condra of Goodlettsville, TN – 45 years-old
Walter L. Condra of Goodlettsville, TN – 49 years-old
Timonthy J. Condra Jr. of Goodlettsville, TN – 19 years-old
Marvin W. Roberson of Murray, KY – 55 years-old
Bobby R. Denton of Buchanan, TN – 58 years-old
David E. Crick of Dexter, KY – 68 years-old
Heather L. Newland of Ashland City, TN – 36 years-old
Larry E. Newland of Ashland City, TN – 64 years-old
Mark E. Newland of Ashland City, TN – 47 years-old
Eugene C. Newland of Charlotte, TN – 37 years-old
Wyatt S. Krantz of Nashville, TN – 44 years-old
Michael W. Orr of Water Valley, KY – 41 years-old
Sandra B. Delk of Franklin, TN – 40 years-old
Robert G. Watts Jr. of Springfield, TN – 37 years-old

Additionally, 50 year-old Billy Biggs of Adolphus, Kentucky was arrested on two unrelated outstanding arrest warrants and also charged with cruelty to animals.  23 year-old Seth Burnett of Murray, was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and was also charged with cruelty to animals,.

The owner of the building, 53 year-old Jack Morgan of Benton, Kentucky, was arrested for cruelty to animals.

A small camper and box trailer were located on scene.  These trailers were being used to house the live poultry.  The camper and box trailer along with approximately $4,000 in cash were taken from the scene.  The poultry was turned over to the Humane Society of Calloway County. 

KSP continues to investigate. 

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