Ex-husband ramps up efforts to find missing Calloway County mom

Searchers took to the sky as they ramp up efforts to find a local mother who disappeared.

"She just up and vanished, and this just isn’t like her," says Eric Hicks.

Jennifer Hicks was last seen Tuesday in Calloway County.

The sheriff’s department says so far they have no leads, but Eric Hicks says he’s not giving up until his ex-wife, Jennifer, is found.

"It’s hard when you’ve got a child with a parent missing," says Eric.

After exhausting his efforts on the ground, Eric is taking his search to new heights in his friend’s airplane.

"When you’re up 1,100 feet in the air, it helps you out a lot more than what everybody thinks it does," says Eric.

He’s looking for Jennifer’s car, a white Pontiac G6. He hopes if he finds it, it will lead him to her.

"We were together for so long. I want to see her safe," says Eric. "I just want her back for our daughter’s sake."

The FBI says every year, thousands of people are reported missing.

If you think one of your family members is missing, stop by your local police or sheriff’s office and fill out a Kentucky Missing Persons Report. Law enforcement has two hours to enter that information into a national database. Once they do, officers all over the country will be able to access the report; with tools like Facebook and Twitter, they can get the word out faster.

"The thoughts and the prayers, just people spreading the word on Facebook," says Eric. "Spreading the Calloway County Sheriff’s Office post."

More than 7,000 shares across the country, all by people wanting to help find Jennifer.

"There’s an 8-year-old girl who wants her mother back," says Eric. "We just want something, anything to go off of, anything."

If you have any information on Jennifer’s whereabouts, please contact the Calloway County Sheriff’s Office at 270-753-3151.

Ned Cooney, Hicks’ uncle released this statement:

The family of Jennifer Hicks, missing since February 9 from the Murray area, wants to express our appreciation for all the support we have received from Jen’s friends and the community at large. We also want to express our gratitude for all of the hard work of the law enforcement agencies involved (Calloway County Sheriff Department, Murray Police Department and Kentucky State Police); they have been very respectful and responsive to our inquiries and concerns. 

While we appreciate the interest of the media in this situation, we ask you to respect the privacy of our family and friends, as we are focused on this search process and on tending to the needs of our family in this time of crisis. At this time, we do not intend to make any verbal statements to the media, and would ask you to cease all contact with any of our family members. We would also ask that people refrain from speculation on social media and in conversation; facts and evidence are useful, rumors and hearsay are not.  All tips can always be sent to the Sheriff’s Department. 

Please keep Jennifer and her family and friends in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you. 

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