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Every 15 seconds a burglary occurs.  With that being said, what are the odds that your home will be broken into this year?  Data from the FBI shows we can expect one in every 36 homes to be burglarized this year, resulting in an average loss of more than $2,000 per break in. That is according to the website A Secure Life.

Our Mychaela Bruner shows us how the outside of your home may be your last line of defense.  A big part of making your home safe is making it unattractive to thieves

Walk around the outside of your home. If this is not part of your routine, it should be.  Graves County Sheriff Dewayne Redmon is doing a safety check.

"You’ve got the iron on this door where they can’t break the windows out, it makes it even more difficult for a burglar to get in," said Sheriff Redmon.

Sheriff Redmon is walking the perimeter checking to see if it is thief-proof.  The best way to keep burglars out, start from the inside.

"It’s not going to take a whole lot for someone to kick it with their foot and most of the time it will bust the door frame, if you’ve got a deadbolt and a regular lock it makes it that much harder to get into," said Sheriff Redmon.

Take a step back and make sure your valuables are hidden.

"One of the big items people will take is like the utility trailer sitting outside…They look for four-wheelers setting outside, we encourage people to hide them or put a lock on them so they can’t be hooked on easily."

Being friends with your neighbors is one of the best ways to ensure safe awareness when it comes to your home.

"Some of the communities in Graves County have the neighborhood watch. Have your neighbors, if they see any strange cars, or someone that doesn’t fit in, just call, it doesn’t hurt  for us to come out and check to see what they’re doing in that neighborhood," said Sheriff Redmon.

It takes more than locks to secure your home, think about a security system.

"It’s a deterrent, we very rarely have a house broken into that has an alarm system."

?Simple steps to protect your home and peace of mind for you and your family.

Put this on your to-do list – go outside in the evening and scope out your house.  What do you see?  Can you see your flat screen TV?  If you can, so can a burglar. Remember to close your blinds or curtains when you go away and before you go to bed.

If you are leaving for vacation, do not broadcast it on Facebook.  It is too easy for people to see and look up your address.  Save the posting for when you get back.

Make your home look occupied. You should put a hold on newspaper and mail deliveries, arrange for someone to mow your grass and ask a neighbor to stop by and check on your home.

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