Valentine’s Day apps and tech gifts

Whether you are looking for love, hopelessly in love or somewhere in between, I have some valentine ideas for you that are better than chocolate.

Do all the single ladies and gentlemen who are looking for the right one, a couple of apps are worth checking out.

The app Hinge connects you to friends of your friends, or even friends of your friends. Here’s how it works:

Connect Hinge to your Facebook account, enter who you’re looking for — by that I mean age, gender etc. — and the app will comb through the vast friends network. The potential matches could be way down the line. Flip through their pictures and, if you see someone you’re interested in, a tap opens up their Facebook page to learn more about them and make a connection.

The Happn app is even stranger. Download it, and whenever you’re walking down the street and pass someone else who’s using the app, you’ll get a notification: a "Hey, check her out". You can then send a notification that you’re interested.

If you’re already dating, how about a tech-themed Valentines Day card. Etsy has lots of creative and almost one of a kind Valentines Day cards. 

And just remember, once something is on the Internet, it’ll never quite go away. So if she says no, well, awkward.

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