Investigators getting a better idea of what happened to Jennifer Hicks

First a missing person, now wanted by Kentucky State Police, and investigators don’t think Jennifer Hicks is still in Calloway County.

State Police issued a warrant for the local mother on a theft charge involving more than $10,000 after police received a complaint from Lake Chem Community Federal Credit Union in Murray where Hicks works.

Calloway County Sheriff Sam Steger says it was a collective decision by law enforcement to obtain an arrest warrant, and it wasn’t taken lightly.

Steger says it’s not illegal for an adult to run away. However, if there wasn’t a warrant and she was found, she has every right to not go home. But now, with a warrant, she must be detained and returned to Calloway County.

Investigators say they’re getting a better idea of what could have happened to her.

"Our evidence doesn’t show that there is an abductor here," says Steger. "Our evidence more tends to show that maybe she has gotten away for a minute, maybe to gather her thoughts or whatever, and we hope she comes back safely."

Steger says they’ve searched the entire east side of the county, an area Hicks is familiar with, but found no sign of her.

He says they’ve also gone out on boats to search Kentucky Lake, but again they found nothing.

He’s hoping the theft investigation and arrest warrant won’t scare her away from coming home.

"It’s not the end of the world," says Steger. "It’s something that I think somebody can work through. We’re hoping that maybe she’s gotten away for a minute and is going to come back home and is going to work through everything, that’s what we’re hoping."

Steger says if you think you’ve spotted Hicks or her car, a white Pontiac G6, call 911 immediately.

The CEO of Lake Chem Community Federal Credit Union has given us a statement, which is also posted on their Facebook page. It reads in part:

"Lake Chem Community Federal Credit Union has discovered irregularities in some of its records which may affect the accuracy of year end reports of some of our members. We currently are in the process of correcting those records and issuing any necessary amendments to reports. Lake Chem does not anticipate financial loss to either Lake Chem or any of its members as a result of these irregularities."

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