All bark and no bite? Putting dogs to the test

Is your dog all bark and no bite?  Dogs can seem pretty ferocious with their barking and growling when someone comes near your house, but would your dog race to the door, ready to stop an intruder?

To find out, Local 6’s Mychaela Bruner asked three families if they would let us put their dogs to the test.

We start out at the home of Sainte, Blue and Balto.  We set out to see if man’s best friend would protect its home if a stranger came to the door.

"I have three Vizlas, they are Hungarian hunting dogs," said Cathy Crecelius.

So what will these pups do when our stranger, who is actually a trainer , comes in to the house?

"I think they will protect me. When we do this test, I really think that my female dog, Sainte who is very territorial and protective will probably pass the test," said Crecelius.

Donna Collier pretends to be an intruder.

"Some dogs will fool you, they will look harmless," said Collier.

Collier walks in and immediately the dogs start barking, giving this Crecelius peace of mind.

"It does make me feel good they would warn me, some advanced warning that there is someone outside the house… I think she passed the test, good girl!" said Crecelius.

Next is Leela, a Beagle.

"If anything she is going to lick her to death or jump on her and get her attention and love from her," said Ashley Appel.

When Collier, walks through the door… Leela does nothing.

"I was surprised she didn’t bark… She failed, laughs. I knew that was going to happen, but that’s okay," said Appel.

Then, there is Fletch.

"He is the real deal, he is the guardian," said Collier.

You can hear fletch barking as soon as we get out of the car.

"He’s very controllable, but if someone did try and get in that house, they probably wouldn’t come out with all their extremities," said Collier.

Collier said his bark is enough to alert you if an intruder is nearby.

"You want a dog that is manageable and will guard your home and do what it is told.

Fletch is the definition of a guard dog, knowing when to protect his home and from who.  We all agree, Fletch passes the test.

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