Fleming Furniture closes

Fleming Furniture and Ashley Home Furniture Store shut down for good Sunday. The two stores are owned by Dan Kelley

He pleaded not guilty earlier this week on felony charges that stem from customers who say they paid for furniture the store never ordered.

Earlier this week Kelley’s lawyers, Mark Bryant and Emily Roark say Kelley took out cashier’s checks totaling $22,000. Kelley’s lawyers say it came out of his retirement fund. They’ve been sent or were available for pick-up to customers’ part of the criminal complaint.

Roark says Kelley is committed to making things right with customers and that’s it’s hard on him to see the stores close

“He has been trying to make things right in his store and finally it got to the point of where we are on Sunday, and there’s no question that it’ll be it’ll a hard day for him,” Kelley said.

Customer Gary Thomas says he came because of the deep discounts.

"They’re doing very well," Thomas said.

He says by Sunday afternoon most of the store was empty.

"Really selling out a lot, and the salesmen are going crazy running around," Thomas said.

Roark says business started going down when three of Kelley’s furniture suppliers went bankrupt.  

“Danny hasn’t been making a lot of money the last few years,” Roark said.

The future of the furniture depends on how much is left. Kelley’s lawyers believe the separate company that came in to do the sale will either sell it to another supplier, furniture dealer, or auction it off.

Roark said the properties will go up for sale.

“Danny has already gotten calls, has some interested buyers, other business owners so forth. They would go for sale and I assume pretty quickly,” Roark said.

Roark says the situation is tough for Kelley, but plans to make things right.

“He never intended to do anything intentionally illegal or take anything from anyone,” Roark said.

If you are owed money by Fleming Furniture you can contact Mark Bryant’s office at (270) 442-1422.

A preliminary hearing for Kelley’s felony charges is set for this Thursday. That’s when his lawyers say they will ask the judge to lower Kelley’s bond

We wish to be transparent in our reporting. Kelley’s company, Kelley-Wiggins Furniture, owes a significant amount of money to our parent company, Paxton Media Group. We have turned these unpaid advertising bills over to a collector.

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