Local chiropractor faces 4th sexual abuse charge

Four women say while receiving care at a chiropractic office, they were sexually abused. Dr. Stephen McAdoo, who goes by his middle name Douglas, faces four felony counts of sexual abuse.

After the news of McAdoo’s arrest Tuesday, three other victims pressed charges. McAdoo was arrested again Friday morning. This, after numerous phone calls and interviews. Graves County Sheriff Dewayne Redmon says the testimonies of the women who claim he sexually abused them are emotional and date back seven years. Redmon says not everyone who came forward wanted to relive their stories in a court of law.

McAdoo won’t be charged for every person that has come forward. “In a lot of the cases of sexual abuse, they don’t want to have to relive trauma and the memories of it, and so they didn’t want to actually file charges against him,” Redmon said.

There was no answer at Stephen McAdoo’s chiropractic center. His license is suspended by the Kentucky Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

Local 6 obtained an agreed order from the Kentucky Chiropractor Examiner’s Board regarding complaints in 2005 that resulted in a fine of $4,000 and two years of probation. Redmon isn’t sure if it can be used against McAdoo, but he says it can’t help him.

Redmon calls it a strong case and says it could mean strong punishment. “Four of those charges are a class D felony. He could be looking at a 20 year sentence,” Redmon said.

Redmon encourages anyone who may feel like something inappropriate happened at the chiropractic center to give him a call.

Bryan Wilson, McAdoo’s attorney, sent us this message on behalf of McAdoo: “For 15 years, Dr. McAdoo has strived to provide the best care to his patients while maintaining the highest level of integrity. While it is unfortunate that these allegations have been made, Dr. McAdoo is determined to answer and defend each and every one of them.”

McAdoo will be in court on all four charges on March 23. 

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