New details about Jennifer Hicks’ death

Jennifer Hicks was found dead Thursday inside a Murray, Kentucky, storage unit. Preliminary autopsy results say the 31 year old shot and killed herself.

The Calloway County Sheriff’s Office says it received a tip, which lead investigators to her body. The sheriff’s office is not releasing the name of the person who found her.

We asked if investigators ever searched the storage units where Hicks was found. They said they’d had no reason to believe she was in there. The unit wasn’t under her name or a family member’s.

The county coroner says he believes Hicks may have killed herself on Feb. 9, the same day she was reported missing.

On Feb. 16, Kentucky State Police got a warrant to arrest Hicks on a theft charge involving more than $10,000. KSP says she may have been stealing money from the credit union where she worked.

"That is still an ongoing investigation, and it will continue," says trooper Michael Robichaud. "Even after Hicks’ death, it will be fully investigated."

Robichaud wouldn’t comment when asked if they found anything inside the storage unit that could be related to the theft.

Calloway County Sheriff Sam Steger says this is not the ending anyone wanted. He asks everyone to be respectful of the family and the person who found her during this time of heartbreak.

Lake Chem Community Federal Credit Union, where Hicks worked, released this statement on its Facebook page:

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