Clinton wins South Carolina Democratic primary

SATURDAY NIGHT UPDATE: Hillary Clinton is relishing her big South Carolina win.
She told her victory rally that "tomorrow this campaign goes national" as she and rival Bernie Sanders compete for the Super Tuesday states.
To cheers, Clinton said: "When we stand together there is no barrier too big to break."
Sanders congratulated Clinton on her victory and reminded her that the campaign is just beginning.
Hillary Clinton’s victory in South Carolina means she will pick up most of the state’s delegates, widening her overall lead in AP’s delegate count.
With 53 delegates at stake, Clinton will receive at least 31. Bernie Sanders will pick up at least 12.
Clinton already holds a large lead among superdelegates, the party leaders and members of Congress who can support any candidate. Including superdelegates, Clinton now has at least 536 delegates, according to AP’s count. Sanders has at least 83.
It takes 2,383 delegates to win the nomination.

ORIGINAL STORY: Hillary Clinton has won the Democratic presidential primary in South Carolina. She won the overwhelming support of black voters on her way to a commanding victory over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.
Moments after she clinched the win, Clinton tweeted: "To South Carolina, to the volunteers at the heart of our campaign, to the supporters who power it: thank you."
Sanders congratulated Clinton on her victory in South Carolina. But he says the campaign is just beginning.
Sanders notes that he won a "decisive victory" in New Hampshire and she did the same in South Carolina.
He says now it’s on to Super Tuesday. Sanders says his "grassroots political revolution is growing state by state," and he "won’t stop now."
The win for Clinton is her third in the first four contests of the 2016 campaign.
Early results of exit polls taken for The Associated Press and television networks find that Clinton won the support of 8 in 10 African-Americans, who made up the majority of voters in Saturday’s primary.

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