Jane Sanders predicts ‘split vote’ on Super Tuesday

Aspiring first lady Jane Sanders says the Bernie Sanders campaign is looking to Super Tuesday when "I think we’ll split the vote."
Expecting a loss in the South Carolina primary, the Vermont senator flew to Texas on Saturday morning and was heading to Minnesota later in the day. Jane Sanders, Bernie Sanders’ wife and one of his top campaign advisers, says that South Carolina voting has already started and the campaign has to focus on March 1, when 12 states will cast ballots.
Jane Sanders says they were hoping for a "good showing" in South Carolina. She adds that it has been hard for people to get to know Bernie Sanders there, noting: "the media didn’t cover him from May to December. There was nothing in the national media. So of course the South didn’t know him."
Still, Jane Sanders says the campaign is feeling good.
"We always knew where we would do well and where we would not do so well," she said. "It’s a 50-state election, and we’re feeling very confident, actually."

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