I Am Local 6: Kentucky man finally turns 21 after waiting 84 years

Turning 21 is almost like a rite of passage. You’re officially an adult, you can consume alcohol legally and you can gamble at some casinos, but imagine having to wait 84 years to celebrate your big day. It’s what happened to one local man who was born on a leap year.

After 84 years, Charlie Waycaster is finally celebrating his 21st birthday.

"Had a real fine day," says Waycaster. "Excellent day! Excellent day!"

The entire family got together on Feb. 28, the date they usually watch him blow out the candles, but it’s Feb. 29 when Waycaster officially turned 21 years old.

As he opened his mailbox, Waycaster pulled out more than just bills.

"People have been good to me all my life," says Waycaster. "I just enjoy people."

It’s clear the feeling is mutual when you see how many birthday cards Waycaster got —sentimental cards, funny cards, even cards that make noise, all wishing him a happy 21st birthday.

We’ve included a picture of Waycaster when he was 20 years old, and what a difference a single birthday can make.

However, Waycaster says he still feels like the young man in the picture.

"When I get up and start moving around, that’s when I realize, well, I’m not quite so young," says Waycaster.

While most 21 year olds spend their birthdays at bars, Waycaster says he’d rather be at home in Clinton, Kentucky, celebrating with friends and family.

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