Six things to know – 2/29/16

Here are six things to know for today.

Today is the four year anniversary of the Harrisburg tornado that left 8 people dead. There will be a memorial service today to remember those lives lost. It starts at Noon at the First Mid-Illinois Bank and Trust.

The man accused of stabbing Harold Bone to death will be in court today. Paducah police investigators say Andy McAmis and Bone were both homeless and acquaintances when they fought at Dolly McNutt Plaza in Paducah last October.

The Paducah man accused of kidnapping a woman and her son is expected in McCracken circuit court today. Paducah police detectives say Vernon Ward thought the mother and son stole his marijuana and forced them at gunpoint into his car when they denied it. The woman’s son pulled a knife and stabbed Ward three times while they were in the car.

A member of the famed Seal Team Six will receive the Medal of Honor today. Senior Chief Edward Byers Jr. was part of a hostage rescue mission in Afghanistan in 2012. He’s already earned two Purple Hearts and five Bronze Stars for heroism.

Hawaii’s efforts to fight the Zika virus are being met with protests. Farmers are posting no spray signs on their properties and pushing back against government mandated pesticides that kill mosquitoes.

It was a big night at the Oscars for Leonardo DiCaprio. After five nominations, the 6th was the charm as Leo brought home the Oscar for Best Actor.

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