Warm weather brings pests into your home

The weather is warming up and that means you may notice more bugs and pests in your home.

Peter Havel remembers making a creepy and unexpected discovery in the closet of his home.

"I found them in my comic books they had eaten their way up the dry wall," Havel said.

Termites had destroyed boxes of his collector comic books.
"Just, just literally sick to my stomach. I pulled those out and I was just nauseated," Havel said.

Havel and his roommate noticed the problem after termites burst through a wall in his roommates bedroom before swarming the room. That’s when they started to notice the termites had made their way to other places in the home, including Havel’s closet where he keeps all of his collector comic books.

A case like this is nothing new to Patrick Perry with Perry’s Pest Control. He says he starts seeing termite infestations mid-February through May when the weather heats up.

"There are a lot of times they don’t swarm out and people never see them, and they’re still doing damage," Perry said.

Perry says look for hairline cracks or soft spots on the walls, and also keep an eye out for insect wings. If you think you have an infestation, it’s best to get your home checked and treated.

Another pest, you may have noticed: these lady beetles, which make their way into homes in the fall and hibernate in the winter.

"When you get warm day in January, say it’s a freak day and you have a warm day. They think, ‘oh it’s spring,’" Perry said. 

That’s why he says you may have seen more in you home this year.

"They’re going to start moving, they don’t know which way is outside, they just know if they see sunlight," Perry said.

Perry say to avoid getting these in the winter you’ll want to treat your home in the fall before the weather gets cold and they move indoors.

The McCracken County Ag Extension office advises you to seal cracks or windows to prevent pests from coming into your home. It also says to identify the pest you’re dealing with before getting you’re home treated. For resources head to the McCracken Cooperative extension’s website. 

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