New business coming to old Maytag plant

New jobs are coming soon to one local Illinois community.

Herrin Mayor Steve Frattini says Swanson Industries will take over part of the old Maytag plant, which closed back in 2006.

When Maytag closed up shop a decade ago, Frank Colombo says many people thought it would destroy Herrin.

"Losing 1,000 jobs and a $30 million payroll had a significant negative impact on our community," said Colombo.

Slowly but surely the city of Herrin has replaced many of those jobs.

Mayor Steve Frattini says Swanson Industries, which makes hydraulic equipment, will be the next manufacturer to come to town.

"They’re starting off small, and they wouldn’t be making the investment coming to Herrin if they weren’t anticipating growth,” said Frattini. “It’s going to be a small beginning, but we’d like to have a lot of small beginnings."

At more than 800,000 square feet. Mayor Frattini says he realizes no one single employer may ever occupy the huge Maytag building again, so the city changed its strategy and targeted a number of small companies that are interested in opening the doors and putting people back to work.

"For each dollar in wages that are paid, that dollar turns over multiple times within the local economy," said Frattini.

"We can’t make their sales or pay their bills, but we can create an environment where it’s conducive to come to Herrin. And we try to make it as easy as possible," said Colombo.

Once the work is finished inside the buildings, Swanson Industries could open its doors by spring.

Swanson Industries is already looking for employees for its new Herrin location.

If you’re interested in applying click here.

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