Reminder: Kentucky GOP voters have one chance to vote for presidential nominee

Registered Republicans in Kentucky will have a chance to voice their pick for the party’s presidential nominee from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. Saturday. There are still a lot of question about how this will work, because it is the commonwealth’s first presidential caucus.

With just three days to go, Cheryl Grana is working overtime to make sure Kentucky’s first presidential caucus runs smoothly in McCracken County. “We’re dedicated to the Republican cause,” Grana said.

The whole point, according to Grana, is timing, because the GOP nominee is pretty much already chosen by the May 17 primary.

McCracken County Clerk Julie Griggs won’t be involved with the caucus, but she says she’s curious to see how smoothly it will turn out. She believes the hand counting instead of machine counting can lead to errors.

Although they’ll be counted by hand, Grana wants to put concerns about fraud to rest. “One person would open the ballot box, read it out, and one person on each side will mark it down on a piece of paper.” Grana also wants to remind every Republican voter in Kentucky that Saturday will be their only chance to vote for their Republican nominee.

And Griggs hopes voting in the caucus won’t deter Republicans from the May 17 primary that will include other national and local races.

The roster of Republican voters is handed down to the county Republican chairs by the state board of elections. On that roster will be the voter’s name, address, gender, birthday, and when he or she registered in the Republican Party. When the polls close, those totals will be sent to the state Republican party.

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