McCracken County attorney proposes changes to ‘faulty’ maps

McCracken County Attorney Sam Clymer wants to throw out what he calls the faulty current zoning maps that were at the center of a criminal case against former Judge Executive Van Newberry.

Clymer wants the county’s fiscal court to reinstate the county maps from December 2006, before Newberry took office. He said it will ensure the county maps were legal and there was no tampering with public records. Clymer said during Newberry’s time in office 1,167 properties were affected by zoning changes.

Of those properties, 154 were corrected during the past year and a half, costing taxpayers nearly $148,000. Clymer said it is costing taxpayers too much money, and under state statute he has the authority to propose to the Fiscal Court to repeal the maps to 2006.

"These numbers are extraordinary. I refuse to believe that the only way that this zoning map can be corrected is by engaging in that type of remediation at that cost," Clymer said. 

There are 1,013 properties that remain under the wrong zoning classification, according to Clymer’s count. He estimates correcting those properties through a third party would cost an additional $967,000. He said it would take eight and a half years because the planning commission would only be able to address 10 properties a month.

"At that rate — and of course we have a volunteer board here, and they are taking care of other planning and zoning business — that the county needs them to take care of, so at 10 per month, that’s going to get us to 8.5 years for all 1,013 properties," Clymer told Local 6.

Clymer said if a property owner does not agree with their 2006 classification, they can apply for a change at no cost, and the county would make it right.

The planning commission plans to hear Clymer’s proposal March 16. It’s recommendation will be heard by the Fiscal Court later this month.

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