McCracken County Attorney proposes zoning map changes

Almost one million of your tax dollars could be saved. A proposal by McCracken County Attorney Sam Clymer would correct illegal map changes made under former Judge Executive Van Newberry.

Clymer wants to change current zoning maps back to what they were in late 2006 before Newberry took office. He says with more than 11,000 properties affected, the changes should be considered void since Newberry did not follow proper protocol. 

Clymer says his proposal would need approval from both the planning commission and the fiscal court, but wouldn’t cost you anything. 

So far, the county has spent more than $147,000 to correct 154 properties. Clymer says he has the authority to enact zoning changes that would keep the county from paying to fix the other zones.

"What I find going on here with these exorbitant remediation efforts and the huge fee that this is costing," Clymer says. "I didn’t think this is necessary, and for that reason is an unjust claim against the county."

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