UPDATE: 3-year-old boy accidentally shot in Graves County

Kentucky State Police say a 3-year-old boy was accidentally shot in the face on Thursday.

A neighbor down the street says it happened inside a home on Route 408 near Viola.

"I heard screaming," says Joe Bisher. "I thought I heard him scream my name."

Bisher lives less than a mile from the teen who was babysitting the 3 year old.

"He was coming up the front porch, and he had a hold of little Logan," says Bisher. "He was screaming and hollering."

He says both boys were covered in blood.

"All I could see was blood on Logan’s face," says Bisher. "I didn’t know if he was cut or what."

Bisher says he called 911.

"I was worried about keeping the blood from going in his lungs, so I tried to keep him up right," says Bisher. "He was conscious the whole time. He was talking, I’d ask him to spit and he would spit blood out."

Bisher says he continued to put pressure on the wound near the bridge of his nose before the ambulance showed up.

Kentucky State Police say the shooting was most likely an accident.

"At this time, it’s an accidental investigation," says trooper Michael Robichaud. "The investigation will continue and, if anything further comes for it, then we will pursue that."

Bisher says no matter how safe you are with your firearm, accidents can still happen.

"It was just a terrible accident," says Bisher.

Bisher says the toddler is at a hospital in Louisville. He says doctors there are trying to determine the proper procedure for removing the bullet.

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