Lyon County FEMA flood maps redrawn to remove home from flood plain

For the past four years, Lyon County Judge Executive Wade White has urged the Federal Emergency Management Agency to fix what he called faulty flood maps.

"None of it makes sense to any of us," White said of FEMA’s decision to redraw maps in 2012.

Then, FEMA redrew maps that put 78 Lake Barkley homeowners in a flood zone, requiring them to either buy monthly insurance or pay $600 for a survey to opt out. More than two dozen homeowners paid for the survey, despite being told years earlier by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers they met required elevation.

"They shouldn’t have been paying this the whole time, yet FEMA was forcing them to," White said. 

Local real estate agents kept busy trying to right FEMA’s wrong, including RE/MAX Realtor Don Outlaw.  

"The bank would call and say ‘We can’t make this loan, because you’re in the flood plain,’" Outlaw said. He helped to remove several families from FEMA’s list. "Homeowners could not sell until they went to a surveyor and had them to determined it was not in the flood plain," he said.

White recently received the news he waited four years to hear. FEMA redrew the maps removing all 78 homes from the flood zone. He is now working to get their money back.

"We couldn’t get them redrawn in time for a lot of these people to be able to avoid having a survey done," White said. 

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