SIU says governor’s budget could cost more than 100 jobs

The elimination of more than 180 faculty, administrative professional and civil service staff positions is among the items listed in a budget reduction plan Southern Illinois University president Randy Dunn says he’ll present in Springfield Thursday.

Dunn released the budget reduction plan, which focuses on cost reductions under Gov. Bruce Rauner’s proposed fiscal year 2017 budget, Wednesday. He will present them to the Illinois Senate Appropriations II Committee during SIU’s first round of appropriations testimony for fiscal year 2017 Thursday in Springfield.

"Budget officers and other top administrative staff from across the SIU System gathered in Edwardsville a little over two weeks ago to build upon the earlier reductions made across our campuses heading into this year. The planning objective from that budget ‘war room’ was to determine the reductions necessary to minimally cover the projected loss of state support for regular operations and other purposes (e.g., pension cost shift) next year under Governor Rauner’s budget proposal." Dunn said in Wednesday’s announcement. "Those revised numbers are as follows: SIUC, $22.856 million; School of Medicine, $8.799 million; SIUE, $14.074 million; and System, $807,000."

The plan also includes the elimination of more than 300 student employment positions, including on-campus jobs for undergraduates and assistant-ships for graduate students

"During tomorrow’s hearing, I will explain to the state senators gathered together all that is at risk under the budget the governor introduced three weeks ago," Dunn said. "Obviously, we still are working collectively with the other public institutions for a solution that will allow us to avoid implementing these reductions."

Thursday’s hearing will be livestreamed. If you go to the General Assembly’s website here, the Appropriations II Committee will be listed as 212. The hearing will begin at 9 a.m.

You can read the full cost reduction plan below this story. 

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