First responders jump into rapid waters to save local man’s life

A local man says he was driving around a curve on New Hope Road in Paducah when he hit a puddle and started hydroplaning. He lost control of his car and ended up at the bottom of a nearby creek.

His mother says 37-year-old Jason Lampley wouldn’t be alive right now if it wasn’t for the 911 dispatcher and first responders.

"911, where is your emergency," asks the dispatcher.

"The car is filling with water," says Lampley. "I’m in a creek and I’ve got a broken arm and a broken leg."

These words were recorded from the 911 call Lampley made from inside the car.

"Oh my God I am in so much pain," says Lampley.

"We’ve got them on the way to you. Just try to stay calm," says the dispatcher.

As the dispatcher tried to keep him calm, she was also painting a picture for first responders, helping them mentally prepare for what they were about to get into.

First on the scene was deputy Trent Hardin with the McCracken County Sheriff’s Department.

"As he was sitting in the driver’s seat, the water level was just under his chin," says Hardin.

Hardin didn’t hesitate. In dash cam video he is seen stripping off gear, and in a matter of seconds, he was in the water.

Minutes later, Sgt. Todd Ray and deputy Jerry Jones arrived on the scene. Again, with no hesitation, they stripped off their gear and jumped in.

"The current was going under the car, and it was trying to pull us under the car while we were there," says Jones.

They broke out the sunroof and pulled Lampley to safety.

Lampley’s mom, Debbie Cosby, told me she is grateful for the three men who saved her son.

"I am forever thankful for these three men," says Cosby. "I mean, if it wasn’t for them, I had no doubt. I mean, he would have drowned in that car."

"I know why he made it," says Ray. "God’s got a plan for that man’s life. I don’t know what it is, but that’s why that cellphone call went through, and that’s why we found him."

To these men, it was just another day at work. But to the family, they are heroes.

Lampley is no longer in critical condition. His mom says he was in surgery Thursday morning as doctors worked to save his left eye. She says he will most likely lose vision in that eye. Lampley also broke bones in his arm and leg. He’s undergoing surgery for those injuries as well.

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