Neighbors search for help fixing flood prone neighborhood

People in one Livingston County neighborhood say they see floodwaters around their homes almost every time it rains. They’re now signing a petition in hopes of getting help, but county leaders say those options may be limited.

The creek that runs next to Ruthann Walker’s house is calmer now that the rain has stopped, but every time it rains, she says she prepares for a flood.

"Everybody in this neighborhood, two, three rows over, we just want some help," she says.

She says their neighborhood has always been flood prone, but every year the flooding gets worse. She says they need more help. But fixing the problem, Livingston County Magistrate Franklin Walker says, is a problem.

The road next to Ruthann Walker’s home is considered a county road, but the county only has so much right-of-way and the rest of this creek is considered private property.

The magistrate says there’s nothing he’d like better than to be able to fix the problem. He says the county’s considered grants and looked over rules, but says the county’s not the governing body who can help right now. "We’ve got laws and regulations that keep us from going on private property and working for people," he says.

Ruthann says she just hopes someone will help her neighborhood get out of the rain. She says she has more than 50 signatures already and plans to bring the issue before the fiscal court later this month.

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