Plans to improve North Friendship Road curve put on hold

Plans to reconstruct a road drivers call hazardous are put on hold. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet planned to make improvements to a three mile stretch of North Friendship Road in Paducah. The biggest problem spot is the curve at the Seneca Lane intersection. 

Many people in the Lone Oak area have to use the road on a daily basis.

"There’s been a number of times I’ve had to turn back, because there’s been an accident there," said Hans Bos, who’s lived off Seneca Lane for more than 15 years.

He says he often sees traffic near his home backed up because of car crashes. 

"I think that so far we have just been very, very lucky that nobody has been killed," Bos said.

A project to fix the road used to be in the state’s highway plan for 2017, but now Keith Todd with the transportation cabinet says it’s not scheduled to be looked at for at least another four years.

"We go through an extended process to develop a priority system for getting roads into the plan," Todd said.

Todd says the legislature ultimately decides what goes into the state’s highway plan. He says with gas prices going down, so has the gas tax used to fund highway projects.

"When you have hundreds of millions of dollars less to spend, at some point some of those project will have to give somewhere," Todd said.

That means drivers and homeowners like Hans will have to continue deal with the curve.

Todd says legislators could decide to put the project in the plan before July 1. Todd says local legislatures have been working together to come up with a plan move the project forward.

Numbers from the McCracken County Sheriff’s Office show more than 20 wrecks have happened on North Friendship Road in the past year. At least eight have caused injuries. None have been fatal. 

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