Marshall County fiscal court audits local sanitation, addresses county’s E911

Marshall County leaders hope audits will improve local agencies. The court asked auditors to look at the county’s Sanitation District 2 in Draffenville, Kentucky.

Tuesday the court heard those recommendations, which mostly included recommendations to improve bookkeeping and organization with the district’s management.

The auditing firm found one person completes most of the bookkeeping and warned that could lead to inconsistencies and potential money mismanagement. Marshall County Judge Executive Kevin Neal said these issues with the water district and a sanitation plant are not new, but fixing them is only part of a bigger picture.

Neal said in order to help the Draffenville area grow, the area’s infrastructure needs to be ready for growth. "The message is clear. We don’t build roads to nowhere and, if we’re talking about growing Draffenville, the infrastructure is a huge piece of that puzzle," he said.

The sanitation district’s board chairman said the tanks are under-utilized right now, not even being used at half-capacity. He said the district serves about 100 residential accounts.

The fiscal court also heard citizens’ concerns about the future of the county’s E911 system. Neal addressed those concerns in open court. He said they are considering several options and plan to inform taxpayers once they’ve gathered all that information. Neal said every county has its issues with funding, but they will not make a quick decision on the county’s E911.

"No one denies the service is a need. It’s a service everyone wants, but they need to understand what the situation is for our county and what the dollar amount’s going to be," Neal said.

The Marshall County Fiscal Court also approved a 1 percent occupational tax break to a potential future unnamed company in the area. It’s estimated to create 48 jobs.

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