Jeffrey Conrad murder trial begins

McCracken County Circuit Court set a jury to start the murder trial against Jeffrey Conrad Wednesday. Conrad is accused of shooting and killing Casey Cox at a Reidland storage unit in June of last year. 

The court was able to select 12 jurors and two alternates.

In opening statements, Prosecuting Commonwealth Attorney Dan Boaz said he believes Conrad intentional shot and killed Cox.

Conrad’s attorney, Doug Moore, claims Conrad fired his gun to save a life.

Witnesses also took the stand Wednesday.

The trial’s expected to run until next week.

Four witnesses were called: a sheriff deputy; the dispatcher who answered Conrad’s 911 call; Cox’s mother, Bobbie; and Brandon York, the man Cox was in a long-term relationship with and his accomplice.

York was convicted on felony burglary charges stemming from the same incident, and he still faces charges in Marshall County.

Boaz questioned Cox’s mother about his military service and his life after the military, including his drug use.

In his cross examination, Moore pointed out that Cox never received therapy for that drug use.

York provided emotional testimony of the early years his relationship with Cox. York said they were happy. But, he said, when they hit financial problems, they started abusing drugs. 

York also testified about what happened that morning at the storage unit. York said Conrad did not warn them they were breaking into his unit. He said Conrad warned them to get down on the ground once and shot into the driver’s side window, killing Cox. York said he was scared to death.

Deputy Jim Wilson testified that he picked up York along the road after York ran from the storage units, and the dispatcher testified about her responsibilities when answering that 911 call.

Conrad will take the stand, although we don’t yet know when.

Witnesses still on the list to be called include Sheriff Jon Hayden and Conrad’s then girlfriend, Missy McKendree.

McKendree was also at the storage unit. 

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