First detective at the scene testifies in Jeffrey Conrad murder trial

The first detective to arrive at the scene, testified Thursday in the murder trial of Jeffrey Conrad.

Conrad is charged with shooting and killing Garlon Casey Cox at a Reidland storage unit in June.

Attorneys have been referring to Garlon Cox by his middle name, Casey.

McCracken County deputy Benny Kauffman was the first to speak with Conrad after the shooting was called in.

Kauffman was also the one to collect the murder weapon, a .45 caliber handgun.

Kauffman says after collecting the gun, a second magazine, and a single spent casing, he heard Conrad’s first account of what happened right after shooting Casey Cox.

"He pointed to the gun and said there if you need it. I secured it. I then asked him if he had shot him and Mr. Conrad stated yes he had," said Kauffman.

Lead detective Matt Carter was also called to testify later in the morning.

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