Prosecution rests in Jeffrey Conrad murder trial

Eleven more witnesses, and the prosecution rests in Jeffrey Conrad’s murder trial.

Conrad’s accused of killing Garlon Casey Cox, who went by Casey, at a Reidland Storage Unit in June.

The seconds before and after a single gunshot that killed Cox dominated Thursday’s testimony.

The lead detective, Capt. Matt Carter, took the stand. His testimony lasted a couple of hours. During his testimony, the prosecution and defense questioned him about the different times Conrad was asked, by different people, about what happened and what Conrad said.

Carter said he noticed a few discrepancies among some of those accounts.

Jeffrey Conrad’s first account was to the first deputy on scene, Benny Kauffman. It was in dash cam video in which Conrad says he shot Casey Cox only after Cox ignored to his command.

Carter said Conrad told him and Sheriff Jon Hayden on a body audio recorder the same account when they arrived at the storage unit.  

Carter, though, testified he started to question why Conrad fired the gun.

"Breaking down these segments, the 911 call he says I fear for my safety, the second statement he made was with sheriff Hayden where he referenced he reached down to put the vehicle in reverse, started to backup, and I fired," Carter said. 

Carter says it’s because a second name started popping up in later reports, including an interview he gave the day after the indictment.

""f he’d driven forward, he’d be alive today," Conrad was recorded saying. "If he just sat there, he’d be alive today. But he put it in reverse, and my friend Missy was behind him."

Hayden said on the stand Conrad did mention Missy in early accounts, but it was Conrad’s energy that was questionable.

"I remember the emphasis of what he was saying. It was this guy defied his order to stop, and I shot. It was just a little alarming," Hayden said. 

Carter was the only one to testify at Conrad’s special grand jury, the jury that indicted Conrad on the murder charge, only a few days after the shooting.

The defense pointed out that because of the time it takes for an autopsy, Carter did not have an opportunity to present to the fact that Cox had meth  in his system at the time of the shooting.

The commonwealth’s medical examiner testified Thursday that Cox did have meth in his system, although not enough to drastically impact his behavior.

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