Flood volunteers honored in Alexander County

It’s been more than three months since floodwaters ravaged Alexander County, Illinois. The community took a break from the rebuilding Friday to say thank you to those who helped keep them stay afloat.

The floodwaters are gone and much of the community is cleaned up but volunteers are back in Olive Branch today as the community says thank you for all their help during the flood.

Cheers and claps filled the Horseshoe Lake Community Center as local leaders handed out plaques to some of the people who helped keep their small community above water when the New Year’s flood hit.

Leslie Bigham was one of many who helped out during the flood. He says he and others wanted to make sure everyone was taken care of when the waters came.

"It’s just a helping hand, back and forth to everybody that’s here. And just trying to make sure everybody’s well and safe," said Bigham.

AT&T donated $5,000 Friday to the Olive Branch community to help them rebuild.

Alexander County Board Chairman Chalen Tatum says he’s grateful for the chance to thank some of the people who helped during their time of need.

"We couldn’t invite the thousands of people that helped. We just did a small group to let people know we were still appreciative of their efforts during the flood," Tatum said.

Tatum says their community wouldn’t be here today without the volunteers’ dedicated, hard work and help during the flood.

County leaders say they’re glad to have the floodwaters gone. Now, they’re just hoping their communities will be spared of any spring flooding Mother Nature may bring.

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