Mounds officer shot in the line of duty in 2015 recognized for bravery

It’s been more than eight months since Mounds, Illinois, Police Sgt. Lyle Womack was shot in the line of duty.

The community recognized his bravery Monday night. Tears, laughter and a sense of community filled the Mounds City Hall Monday night as Womack was awarded not one, but two medals for bravery on the job.

Womack said it was an emotional night to say the least.

"I’m kind of overwhelmed at the amount of people that showed up to support me, not just today but every day since the incident happened," Womack said.

Police Chief Terry Riddle was with Womack that day. Riddle says it means so much to be able to pin a distinction medal and a purple heart on Womack.

"It means everything in the world. Lyle is an excellent officer, a family member. We’re all family, and he’s a brother," Riddle said.

He says he’s proud to hand out those pins and plaques, but he’d take it all back keep everyone safe.

"Those guys put their lives on the line every day they start that car," Riddle said.

Womack said he’s still dealing with the effects of the shooting, and he’s got a long road of recovery ahead. He said he’s looking forward to finally healing. "I just want to be back to normal," he said. 

One day, that may mean putting the badge and uniform on again.

Other community members were recognized Monday night for their help during the July 2015 shooting, including three good Samaritans nearby who helped police after the shooting. Womack’s K9 Bravo was also awarded a purple heart.

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