Architects present options for rehabilitating or building a new Paducah City Hall

Monday night, community members had a chance to see visual representations of what rehabilitating Paducah City Hall or rebuilding it would look like. RATIO Architects went before the City Hall Schematic Design Advisory Group to deliver what they say are the best and most efficient options.

RATIO Architects, hired by the city of Paducah, started their public presentation by showing possible changes to the current city hall.

Architect Brooke Funkhouser talked about placing the busiest departments on the first floor.

“We have located all the more publicly visited departments on the first floor, so fire prevention, section 8 housing, human resources, finance, ITGIS," Funkhouser said.

They’re aiming for a more open concept, allowing departments to see each other for better communication. They suggested a smaller vestibule to city hall and bringing the commission chamber downstairs with removable chairs.

“Maybe it’s voter registration, maybe it’s a wedding. If you think about creating a center aisle down this. But you start to think about it, we are actually using more of this space,” Funkhouser said.

The new approach aims to complement, not copy, the architecture in the city. It’s compact, half the current width but twice as tall with four stories.

“It also allowed us to think of about future growth on this site too,” Roseberry said.

Architect Brock Roseberry says it’s oriented in an east-west direction to maximize the amount of natural light.

“We are really trying to maximize how we lay these spaces out for the best and most efficient use of a new building,” Roseberry said.

The public ranked how much RATIO met the goals of each project on cards that RATIO will incorporate in a presentation to commissioners on April 19.

About 40 people filled city hall seats, including Chris Black, who said he thinks the architects did a good job showing two complete options.

“I am of the position we keep what we have. We improve it, we repair it and we do it over time and phases and allow the economic impact of the costs of the project to be born out over time,” Black said.

Monday night, Mayor Gayle Kaler and Sandra Wilson were among the city leaders present.

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