Conrad’s defense attorney speaks about jury conviction

Jeff Conrad’s attorney, Doug Moore, is speaking out the day after Conrad’s murder trial verdict. Conrad was convicted Monday of second degree manslaughter in the June 2015 shooting death of Cox at a Reidland storage unit.

Moore says he respects the jury’s verdict. He says this was a unique case, because there was not the question of who did it. Moore says considering the jury’s conviction on second degree manslaughter, he believes the jury doubted Conrad’s claim that he needed to fire when he did.

"I imagine they believe he was acting in self defense or in self defense of Missy McKendree, but that he was unreasonable about the need to protect them," Moore says.

A juror told me they had reservations about convicting Conrad of murder going into the deliberation room. The juror gave me this statement: "We were thinking about how we had to get this verdict right…It was a delicate balance of justice for the victim, justice for the commonwealth, and fairness for the defendant."

Moore told me they have time to consider an appeal because Conrad’s sentencing will be in June, but that involves going back through the trial to determine if anything was done incorrectly.

Brandon York, who was with Casey Cox the day of the shooting, was convicted of a felony, burglary and drug charges in McCracken County, will not necessarily face more charges because Conrad’s been convicted. Moore said that would be up to the Commonwealth.

Because of the time Conrad’s already served in jail, he will be able to go before the parole board in about nine months.

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