Girl Scouts learn about nature at LBL

Girls of different ages got a chance to learn about nature on Saturday. Land Between The Lakes hosted its Girl Scout Day at the Woodlands Nature Station.

Troops took part in about 15 different activities like learning about animal habitats, using a compass, cooking outdoors, or hiking.

Land Between The Lakes Public Program Coordinator Aviva Yasgur says she hopes events like these help spark a lifelong interest in the outdoors.

“Maybe they haven’t done a lot of hiking before, maybe they’ve never tried you know, outdoor cooking, or something like that, but it seems once they try these things a lot of them really enjoy it. Maybe they go home and ask their parents if they can do it again or suggest something for the troop to do it,” Yasgur said.

Eric Karyeah and his daughter Phasia are taking this opportunity to learn about the outdoors with their Troop 175 near Fort Campbell.

“It’s really fun because that way we can bond together. You know, ask questions, and I can kind of help along the way as we see the different animals and trees," Karyeah said.

To find out activities you can do with your family at LBL like the Kids vs. Wild: Outdoor Survival Skills next Sunday click here.

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