Communities reeling from news that natives killed in Belgium

Communities across Kentucky and Tennessee are reeling from the news that two young natives were among those killed in the terrorist attacks in Brussels last week.
Stephanie and Justin Shults were confirmed dead Saturday, ending their families’ agonizing international search for the young couple living abroad.
Vanderbilt University, where the couple met while attending graduate school, issued a statement that said the "bright young couple chose, in the spirit of discovery, to become global citizens" and that "they represented the very best of Vanderbilt."
Stephanie Shults, originally from Lexington, Kentucky, and Justin Shults, from Gatlinburg, Tennessee, moved to Brussels in 2014 for work.
They were dropping Stephanie’s mother off at the airport when the bombs exploded at the airport and a subway station, killing at least 31 people.

The White House says President Obama has telephoned the parents of an American couple who died in last week’s terror attacks in Brussels.
The White House says Obama offered his condolences on Sunday afternoon and praised Justin and Stephanie Shults as epitomizing all that was good about America.
Justin Shults was originally from Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and his wife, Stephanie, was a native of Lexington, Kentucky. They graduated together from Vanderbilt University’s Owen Graduate School of Management. A family member says they were dropping Stephanie’s mother off at the airport and were watching her walk through security when the bombs went off.
The White House says the president also assured their parents that the thoughts, prayers and resolve of the nation are with them at this difficult time.

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