Couple creates petition supporting Uber in Paducah

Millions of people across the nation rely on the transportation company Uber to get from one place to the next. You can now sign this online petition to bring the service to Paducah.

Uber operates through a mobile app, which allows you to put in a request for a trip using your smart phone. Your request is then routed to Uber drivers who use their own cars.

Back in November Adam Morton was worried he wouldn’t find a job, because he can’t drive due to medical problems. Now he has a job, but he still wishes he had more options for getting to and from work.

"It is tough. There are times when I have to plan my life around someone else," Morton said.

After using Uber in big cities like Nashville and Chicago, Morton and his girlfriend Bethany Morehead decided they wanted to start a petition to bring the service in Paducah.

"Growing jobs and making it easier to get back and forth," Morehead said.

Currently you can use Chiz Cabz in Paducah, Blue Dot Cab Service out of Madisonville, and A Transporter out of Marshall County also have cabs in Paducah.

Nicole Doran, the owner of Chiz Cabz for 13 years, worries it can cause security issues

"If you’re taking your own personal car, no one knows what they’re doing or who’s doing what," Doran said.

She says it could also hurt her business, because of the high insurance rates she pays for her drivers that Uber does not, since Uber drivers use their own cars.

"We can go bankrupt. I can’t compete with $2, I can’t compete with $3. I pay close to $5,000 a month for insurance for cars," Doran said.

Morton and Morehead say for them the petition is not about hurting businesses, but creating more options for getting around.

The petition has almost 300 signatures.Morton says in about a month, he’ll take it to the city and try to get its help contacting Uber.

The mayor says the city still has to do a lot of research to do before it considers bringing it here. At this point the city is not sure what exactly it would have to do to bring Uber to Paducah. 

The closest Kentucky cities with Uber are Bowling Green, Louisville and Lexington. In Illinois it’s Springfield and Champagne. You can sign the petition on Go Petition.

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