Livingston county elementary schools start transition to middle school

New changes will mean more resources for your childrens’ education. Next school year, the Livingston County Middle School will teach 6th through 8th grade which means both 5th and 6th grade elementary students will transition to a new school. Both students and teachers are starting to prepare for next year.

Livingston County teacher, Sunni Ogg will stay behind in elementary school and teach a different grade while her sixth graders become middle schoolers. She says, "everybody here at south were ready for a change and to do great things."

Ogg says spring means 5th and 6th grade teachers making their students more familiar with middle school curriculum. The hope is the move to middle school will help students can learn even more, both young and older students.

She says, "it’ll give the 5th grade students a chance to mentor to the younger students and the 6th grade a chance to be exposed to high level classes."

Livingston County Superintendent, Victor Zimmerman says in terms of school space, they found they were under-utilizing the middle school. But their driving decision was students’ education.

He says, "the 6th graders in the current setting they’re pretty much maxed out with the available abilities they have to them."

Another reason for the transition– the preschool. It’s a completely separate program, but because the 6th grade is moving on, it gives the preschool more room to expand.

In terms of busing, Zimmerman says they’re considering adding one new bus route. Zimmerman says the transition won’t cost the school extra money.

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