Companies paying users to watch TV shows

How’d you like to get paid for something you do anyway? Not eating, or playing candy crush, but watching television.

I’m not just watching TV. I’m making money. With a remote in my hand, it’s like punching a timeclock.

Don’t believe me? There are actually two ways to make money watching television.

From time to time Netflix posts openings for a job that would pay someone to sit on a couch to watch, then analyze films and TV shows.

Netflix often hires taggers or people who’ll watch Netflix programming and tag the shows with keywords and descriptions.

The dream job is where Netflix begins recommending shows based on the ones you’ve watched before. The taggers help determine which shows you might like. the jobs are in California if you’re interested.

Or you can turn to an app that pays for your TV watching. Viggle asks users to check in to TV shows they’re watching.

Open the app, tap this button and Viggle listens to your TV. Just from the sound, Viggle is able to detect what show you’re watching. You get points, one for every minute you watch.

You’ll also get points for watching ads for games, sharing what you’re watching on social networks.

Those points can then be redeemed for gift cards to places like Best Buy, Target and Starbucks.

Earn 5,000 points, and you can get a $50 gift card to restaurants for just $20.

You’re not going to make enough off of Viggle to pay the cable bill, but you’ll get an extra cup of coffee for sitting on your rear end watching reruns of Family Feud. don’t judge me

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