Six things to know – 3/29/16

Here are six things to know for today.

Everyone is off a hijacked EgyptAir plane and the hijacker has been arrested. The plane was on its way to Cairo when it was forced to land in Cyrpus. Cyrpus’ president says the incident was "not something that has to do with terrorism."

The FBI was able to hack into a California mass shooter’s iPhone without Apple’s help. But this raises more questions on how the FBI was able to get into the phone, and does this pose security risks to other iPhones?

The trial against a former Paducah middle school assistant principal starts today. Jerry Walker is facing perjury, tampering with physical evidence, and tampering with a witnesses charges.

Kentucky lawmakers still do not have a budget. Because lawmakers could not agree on a budget, they lose their ability to override vetoes from Governor Bevin. If the legislature does not pass a budget, some parts of state government would shut down on July 1st.

CNN will host a Republican town hall tonight in Milwaukee. Donald Trump, Senator Ted Cruz, and Governor John Kasich will all appear separately and answer questions from moderator Anderson Cooper and the crowd. Wisconsin voters will head to the polls on April 5th.

Today is Niagara Falls Runs Dry Day. On this day in 1848, there was so much ice in the river that 3,160 tons of water per second came to a halt.

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