City of Murray, part of Calloway County experience power outage

UPDATE: KYTC spokesman Keith Todd says power is back on for most, if not all, traffic signals that were affected by a power outage in Murray Thursday.

Todd says crews are removing four-way stop signs that were put in place while the traffic lights were out of commission. He says drivers should still be careful while service is being restored. 

UPDATE: KYTC spokesman Keith Todd says power is back on in Murray and Calloway County. He said crews are out resetting the traffic lights that were affected by the outage.

UPDATE: Murray State University says all evening classes are canceled Thursday because of a power outage affecting the city. 

MSU Director of Communications Shawn Touney says all evening classes are canceled, including on the school’s regional campuses. The main campus is still open, but classes are canceled. 

UPDATE: Keith Todd with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet says the power outage affecting the city of Murray has shut down traffic signals across the city.

Todd says about 30 signals are out, and KYTC personnel are placing four-way stop signs at as many signal locations as possible. They’re focusing on major highways. 

Todd says drivers should be careful where the traffic signals are out, if stop signs are set up or not. 

Murray Electric Systems says a lightning strike is the suspected cause of a power outage affecting Murray and a portion of Calloway County Thursday afternoon.

Murray Electric System General Manager Tony Thompson says the entire city and east Calloway County are without power. Thompson says they have 8,000 customers from the city without power but couldn’t give an estimate of how many customers are with without power in the county.

He says Murray Electric suspects a direct lightning strike is responsible, but won’t know for sure until it finishes assessing the damage.

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