Jerry Walker takes the stand in day four of trial

We heard from Jerry Walker in court for the first time Thursday since his trial began earlier this week. He’s the former Paducah Middle School Assistant principal accused of meeting his mistress in Louisville and trying to use school money to pay for the trip.

He was fired, and the prosecution says he staged pictures to appeal his termination.

On Thursday the defense called all of their witnesses. Walker’s wife, Karen, and 10-year-old daughter testified before Walker took the stand. Walker talked about his affair, his termination and his request for a tribunal to appeal it. He explained how he felt when testimony was given at the that tribunal claiming he staged pictures he used as evidence.

"I was shocked, caught off guard not understanding where the June 22, 2013, date came from, having little time to prepare to prove those pictures were taken in May," Walker said.

You may recognize Walker, because he pleaded guilty in 2011 tampering with evidence in a fatal 1998 dorm fire at Murray State University. If he is found guilty in this trial, it could impact the diversion agreement he made in that case.

"Those six counts of tampering with evidence, with the diversion if I get in trouble, automatically that’s 10 years. There’s no way I would do that and take that chance," Walker said.

Closing arguments will be made Friday morning. Jury deliberations will start in the afternoon. If found guilty of perjury, tampering evidence and a witness, Walker faces one to 15 years in prison.

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