Budget impasse leads to speculation of partial government shutdown

As David Dunning sinks his putt at Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park, he can’t help but think of the wedge that’s keeping lawmakers from agreeing on a budget.

"I realize these aren’t easy choices. Something has to be cut, and I can understand that," Dunning told Local 6.

A failure to reach a budget agreement could lead to a partial government shutdown, which could include agencies like the state’s Parks Department. Dunning said the course is a huge draw for out-of-state visitors. "That’s money for the state, so it’s important that it be open if at all possible," he said. 

Park managers say it’s too early to speculate about what a state government shutdown would look like, but it is a concern for those who vacation and spend their money around the lakes. "I just feel more safe and secure in a state resort," said Earl Smith. 

Smith and his wife make the trip from northern Kentucky at least six times a year. They not only enjoy the views of the water, but take in the extras, too.  "The restaurants, the boat ramps, just the security of being in the park system is really one of the reasons we come down here," Smith said. 

Both men are wanting a solution as they hope the budget talks cool off as the weather warms up.

"There has to be a compromise. But something has to be done to get our house in order," Dunning said. 

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