Jury recommends three year sentence for Jerry Walker

A jury is recommending Jerry Walker spend three consecutive years in prison. He’s the former Paducah Middle School assistant principal accused of fabricating evidence to appeal his termination.

On Friday a jury found him guilty of perjury, tampering with evidence, and tampering with a witness. The jury recommended the judge sentence him to one year for each charge.

The jury had to look at all the evidence and testimony presented during the four day trial to decide if Walker staged pictures with his mistress in Louisville on June 22, 2013. That’s a month after the weekend of a track meet, when he says the pictures were taken.
In closing arguments the defense showed a timeline of where Walker was that day. The prosecution started their argument describing his personality.

"We come into a courtroom, and we get a personality, and we get that individual who has the capacity to look you in the eye and say anything they want to convince you of it," said prosecutor Raymond McGee.

"I submit to you that it was impossible, impossible that Jerry went with Jennifer Griffith to Red Robin on June 22," said Dennis Null.

You may remember Walker pleaded guilty in 2012 to tampering evidence in a Murray State University dorm fire. His diversion agreement can now be revoked, so he can face another six consecutive years in prison.

Walker was taken away in handcuffs on Friday. He will remain in the McCracken County Detention Center until an ankle monitor is set up. He will then stay on house arrest until his July 1 sentencing. 

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