UT Martin drops out-of-state tuition cost significantly

College just got a lot cheaper for your child of they’re thinking about going to the University of Tennessee at Martin, but don’t live in Tennessee.

To make the campus more competitive in this area and better on your budget, the University of Tennessee Board of Trustees cut the cost of out-of-state tuition from $11,135 to $6,720.

Future and current students at UTM from out of state will start saving a lot of money, soon. Right now, only 5 percent of UTM students are considered out of state.

Grant Iverson came to UTM to run. He hoped to eventually earn a scholarship to help pay his out-of-state tuition. Today, he’s walking.

"After three seasons of injury, it was just too hard," Iverson said. Running brought him to Martin from Illinois, not friends or familiar faces.

"I actually haven’t met anyone that’s been from my area, besides one girl," he said.

Public Relations Director Bud Grimes says he thinks now with the tuition almost cut in half, more students will come. 

"This is really great for UT Martin to have this options. It’s history making. In fact, it’s never been possible," Grimes told me after the vote. 

Out-of-state students will save a lot on tuition, but they’ll have to live on campus and buy a meal plan.

And although loans weigh Iverson down, they’ll be a lot less next year. No matter the cost, he’s proud of his new home. "I don’t think I could ever leave," he says. He does plan to attend grad school after he graduates. He says the vote today could save him more than $20,000.

There are a few Kentucky counties that will still get in-state tuition: Graves, Hickman, and Fulton. 

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