Softball tournament supports little girl with leukemia

Cooler temperatures kept people bundled up as they played in a softball tournament Saturday at Mike Miller Park. Teams competed to support Zoey Smith a  2-year-old with leukemia from Murray.

Teams are part of the 3rd annual Team Elite Pick a Kid Softball Tournament.

Zoey couldn’t make it Saturday because of the cold, but her parents Whitney and Jeremy Smith say the support they’re getting from strangers is uplifting.

“It’s amazing how a community comes together and I am so thankful to be from Murray and like a small town,” Whitney said.

There are days when they still break down about last September.

“The woman just came in and said it like it was, like, ‘your shoes untied’. You know? She came in and she said, ‘I’m sorry your daughter has leukemia’… That just floods me pretty much once a week. Probably anytime she is having a bad time," Whitney said.

Mom calls her a diva who loves being the center of attention. If you want to see a video of Zoey click here.

“If you ask her what’s wrong she tells you her blood is sick,” Whitney said.

Organizer Corey Downey knew right away he wanted to support Zoey for this year’s tournament.

“It was such a huge success the last two years, we wanted to keep doing it,” Downey.

He said the Holderman twins from the last two tournaments are doing well and decided it was time to allow another child in Murray to receive help. Downey said Sydney and Samantha Holderman, who live with cerebral palsy and epilepsy, are doing a whole lot better.

“Sydney took a whole different turn, she’s talking moving around, she’s doing a whole lot better, which Samantha was already doing that,” Downey said.

There are less teams this year, but more people are helping through an increase in silent auction items and more donations to support Zoey.

“Whitney has done such a great job with getting Zoey’s Facebook page going and everything. Everybody in Murray knows who she is so donations have been awesome this year,” Downey said.

It’s all helping make life a little easier, as Zoey’s parents say she copes with her new normal.

“She always hits rock bottom, and then bounces back up,” Whitney said.

 Mike Miller Park donated the field time for the tournament Saturday.

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