State program provides people a chance to fish in urban areas

A state program is providing people with a way to have fun outside, for free. Noble Park recently got a delivery of fish and this weekend people reeled in on that opportunity.

The Fishing in Neighborhoods Program with Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources allows groups to go fishing without traveling far.

Justin Davison and his son Aiden are coming from Fulton, KY to enjoy the free fishing at Noble Park in Paducah.

“He gets to come here enjoy the day outside instead of inside watching TV. Trying to bring some outdoor life to the city life,” Davison said.

Davison says it’s not the size of the fish they catch that matters, but that his son is having fun.

“Too many kids are stuck inside. So, whenever we can get him out we love to get him out,” Davison said.

FINs started in 2006, and in 2010 the City of Paducah Parks Services Department joined the program. The state sends the fish, and tests the water quality as well as the fishing population yearly; in return, the City really only needs to keep the lake area maintained.

According to the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources website, there are 40 lakes that participate and the owners of those lakes commit to cover 25% of the stocking costs.

Last week, 2500 rainbow trout were stocked in the lake, and people can expect another delivery of more than a 1000 catfish in April and May.

If you want to try fishing, but not having a rod is your excuse, you can borrow one! Just go to Paducah’s Parks Office on H.C. Mathis Drive during normal business hours.

For more information about the program locally click here, and click here for information from the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources.

Mike Miller Park Lake in Marshall County also participates in the FINs program.

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