Carson Park’s barn demolition makes way for new improvements

A local park’s landscape changed, but board members say it’s for the best.

Barn 1 at Carson Park was demolished Friday. Members say it was part of the park for decades. County and park leaders say the barn was demolished because of snow damage to the roof from two years ago.

Park leaders say they don’t have specific plans for the location, but that’s not a bad thing. They say they have plans to spruce up the park, and possibly build an indoor arena. But to get those finances, they couldn’t have the safety hazard of the barn.

For Kaylee Gallino and her two horses, Spanky and Bob, Paducah is not her final destination, but it is where she wanted to stop. That’s because of Carson Park. Gallino says in her history of traveling to horse shows, Carson Park is invaluable because of the resources available to Spanky and Bob.

"To just stop and stay, its perfect really," Gallino says. 

County leaders say Barn 1 was beyond repair, and they wanted to use the finances from the barn to maintain the others.

Carson Park Board Chairman Randy Weirsma says the park’s been turned down for grants, but tearing down the barn will make the park more available to those needed funds. Especially if the board wants to finally accomplish their long-term goal of building an indoor arena.

"The park got in such bad shape over a period of years, and now its taken us several years to get it back up," Weirsma says.

For Weirsma, the barn’s demolition is bittersweet, but he says it means a better future for the park. "We’ve got it up to where its a lot better than it was, but it still has a way to go," he says. 

Whether that indoor arena will go in Barn 1’s location, the board doesn’t know. They also have to consider more construction bids for a new roof on a different barn.

It cost Carson Park more than $8,440 to demolish the barn.

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