iPad Pro released over weekend

Apple’s newest iPad, the iPad Pro 9.7 was released over the weekend and the company hopes it will revive its tablet market.

Sales of iPads have continued to drop over the past few years and, by some estimates, were expected to plummet almost 40 percent in 2016.

The new 9.7 inch iPad Pro features improvements to cameras, microphones, speakers and speed. The iSight camera, the one you use to take photos and video, now shoots photos at 12 megapixels: the best camera of any iPad. It also shoots video in 4K resolution. The iPad Pro also has a large enough screen size to do video or photo editing.

The display of the iPad Pro is the most advanced display of any Apple device. It has a retina display and screen resolution of 2,048 by 1,536, some 256 pixels per inch. Apple also introduced True Tone in the newest model, which changes the color and intensity on the screen to match the light in the room. In rooms with warm lighting, the screen adjusts to a warmer picture. 

There are now four speakers on the iPad to address a common complaint with the devices. Games and videos can now be heard clearly even with other noise in the room. It has a speedier chip and processor. Apple believes it is fast enough to replace many laptops.

The original size iPad had not been updated since the last iPad Air was released in 2014, making the release of the iPad Pro a good reason for owners of the earliest models to upgrade.

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