Operation #SalukiVoice seeks to improve safety at SIU

One student is working to improve campus and community safety after three separate shootings recently in Carbondale, Illinois, all near Southern Illinois University.

One person was killed and two others were injured in those shootings.

Now, an SIU senior is uniting students to change the way the school thinks about its students’ safety.

Outside SIU’s Morris Library, you’ll hear more than just the roar of the fountain. Alex Corn, a senior at SIU, walks the pavement talking to students about their safety.

"It’s interesting. I think more students feel unsafe than they do safe at SIU," Corn said.

He’s asking for ideas on how to change that. "From the student body to the administration in regards to safety within the SIU community," Corn said.

Passing out flyers and walking around campus, he’s hoping to help organize students to make campus safer.

"Really, I think everyone wants to feel safe," said Aidan Nolan, a freshman at SIU.

Nolan says a lot of students don’t feel that way now, especially with the recent shootings on people’s minds.

"There’s time where, walking around at night, where it’s a little sketchy," Nolan said.

Corn said that needs to change, and it starts with students. Operation #SalukiVoice, as he calls it, is already getting letters from students with ideas for safety patrols, watch groups, and even safety apps to track students’ locations.

"We want to build and get actual ideas and positive things from this," Corn said.

He says whether students are in class, at a party or at home, they should always feel safe.

You can get involved in the conversation on social media using #SalukiVoice. Students can also email letters with ideas for how to improve campus safety to Alex Corn at macorn@siu.edu.

Safety concerns around the community will also be addressed at Carbondale’s City Council meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday.

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