Jerry Walker jailed on Calloway County warrant

Former Paducah Middle School assistant principal Jerry Walker is back in jail on a warrant out of Calloway County.

Prosecutor Mark Blakenship says when he filed a motion on Monday to revoke the diversion of Walker’s 2012 sentence for tampering with evidence in a Murray State University dorm fire, he also requested a warrant for his arrest.

Prosecutors can do that if a person violates a diversion or probation. Walker’s attorney, Dennis Null, says, knowing about the warrant, Walker turned himself in Thursday around noon. Walker is at the McCracken County Regional Jail, and he will be taken to Calloway County Jail sometime before the April 19 hearing on the diversion.

He will stay in jail until his July 1 sentencing in McCracken County for the three felonies he was found guilty of on Friday. In that case, he was found guilty of perjury, tampering with evidence, and tampering with a witness in his appeal of his termination from Paducah Middle School. 

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