Prosecutors seek up to 6 months for Hastert

Prosecutors in Dennis Hastert’s hush-money case are seeking up to six months in prison for the former U.S. House speaker.
Prosecutors said they are seeking zero to six months in prison as part of a Friday court filing. The filing also says Hastert agreed to pay $3.5 million to a victim for sex abuse when victim was 14 years old.

The filing details allegations by at least four people who say the former U.S. House speaker sexually abused them as children.
The document says three were wrestlers coached by Hastert and the fourth was a student-manager.
One wrestler told prosecutors the abuse occurred in a motel room on the way home from wrestling camp. The others said Hastert touched them in the locker room at Yorkville High School, after saying he would give them massages.
Two of them say Hastert performed sex acts on them when they were 14- and 17-years-old.
Another wrestler cited in the document says Hastert touched his genitals while he was on a locker room massage table but he wasn’t sure if it was intentional.
The 74-year-old Republican managed to keep any hint of sexual misconduct quiet throughout a political career that carried him from the Illinois Legislature to the halls of Congress and eventually to the speaker’s office, where he was second in the line of succession to the presidency.
Hastert pleaded guilty in October to breaking banking laws as he sought to pay $3.7 million to someone referred to as Individual A to ensure the person kept quiet about Hastert’s past misconduct.
He is scheduled to be sentenced April 27.

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